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Although Sanctuary has two full-time staff, we couldn't do much for the kids without our volunteers . They give up their time one day a week for a few hours at a time. With more volunteers there is more chance of having one on one time with the children. The children are at the age where they are interested in everything and one on one time gives you the chance to help guide the children and answer their questions.

Some volunteers bring craft ideas to do with the children, and some just hang out and play games with the children or help them with homework.  Having these volunteers at Sanctuary also allows Leanne to go offsite to play tennis, go biking, etc. with groups. We always need adult volunteers to just take kids to the park or for walks around town as well.

We also need people to be involved at many different levels such as

Feel free to look at our volunteer manual and application form to see if this is where you would like to volunteer. If you have any questions feel free to contact Leanne at Sanctuary during our operating hours.

Here is a little bit of our volunteer manual for you to read. This is just a summary of each area to get the full version contact Leanne at Sanctuary.



We provide an after school snack for all children and a simple supper for those who choose to stay. The snack is sometimes provided on a volunteers basis by various churches in the area and should be healthy food instead of high calorie snacks. If a volunteer has a recipe they would like to use with the children, they should contact the coordinator to arrange a time and for any ingredients which they might need. Parents are always welcome to join their children for a meal.


Since we are a drop in centre, scheduling activities is sometimes difficult. Our basic activities are games, homework help, meal prep, videos, computers, and puzzles. Volunteers are encouraged to bring any ideas, which they would like to do with the children during their shift.

Our volunteers bring a wide variety of skills and activities to our children.  We have volunteers for special activities like gymn night, pottery lab, and helping at a horse stable.  Bring your ideas and talk to Leanne.