The Generation to Generation Society

Operates the after school pre-teen drop-in centre known as "Sanctuary". The society is made up of representatives from our community who have come together to provide a safe after school environment which is open to all children. Our coordinator, Rev. Ken Potter has made our program his full time ministry. He is responsible for training and organizing the volunteers, networking with the schools, and the Ministry for Children and Families, and the local RCMP. Working closely with the volunteers to utilize their gifts, he provides direction for all of the activities at Sanctuary. We strive to make this a wholesome and SAFE environment where our volunteers can model Christ's love to the children and each other in ways which can be appealing and non-threatening to people of other faiths or who may even be afraid of Christianity.

There are approximately 70 members of our society right now. New members are always welcome and we encourage anyone who is interested to attend our monthly meetings. For information on about our monthly meetings you can contact Ken at Sanctuary.

Here is a list of our board members to date:

Barbara Gibson - Chair
Brenda Hooper - Vice Chair
Jeanne Kim - Treasurer
Susan Gaskell - Secretary
Teresa Baker - Director
Joe Danchuk - Director
Cedric Hanson- Director
Betty Anne Marino - Director
Tom McEwan - Director
Jean Simonetta - Director
Kate Tognotti -Director

To contact any of our board members you can reach them at our e-mail address or click the link provided
Click here for e-mail

Here are some pictures of what are space actually looks like. Feel free to click on the image to get a better view.


Movie Area

Dining, Homework and Games Area

Food Preparation and Serving Area

Handwashing Area