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Our practice is to encourage and enable individuals to participate in non-judgemental community life to their full potential.

Sanctuary has been open since September 1998. We have about 50 children 8-12 visiting on an ongoing basis, with about 18-25 children coming each day and about 12-20 for supper each night.

The goal is to provide a safe and very different environment where these children can learn a better way of interacting with each other, the volunteers, and their world. To find out more, please read our “Truisims”.

Some activities we provide are:

(250)368-6142 during regular operating hours.

1705 Bay Ave Trail BC V1R 4B5

Sanctuary has a new refundable recycle shelter at the Landfill to better handle the donations of Canadian cans and plastic refundable items.  The new shelter will keep both the recycled items and the sorters who collect them out of the weather and keep the area much tidier.  The picture shows Sanctuary board member Teresa Baker and Steve Harder from Interior Signs in front of the shelter.  All signage was donated by Interior signs.

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We are open to all children ages 8-12.

We are especially for those who's parents aren't able to be home right after school.


Mission Statement

"To provide a safe and nurturing centre, for pre-teens in the City of Trail, reaching out to our children with Love and Acceptance"

HOURS 2:30 - 7:30
Monday thru Friday

1 PM -6:30 PM from July 16th through August.